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some daunting challenges, that we are working in a very complicated environment to craft a very technical bill that touches so many important parts of our society, of our economy and of this country as a whole, and i know that there are many different perspectives on social policy, on agricultural production policy, but i'm confident that the spirit that's been demonstrated in achieving this point, passage of both the bills out of the house and senate committees and across the floor, that we can accomplish that. and i would be most remiss if i didn't note the special appreciation i have for my ranking member and my friend, i believe, collin peterson, as well as all of my friends at this table, and most assuredly those on the other side of the table. i take this responsibility that we have together to accomplish this very important goal very seriously. i live in the part of the country where between mother nature and federal policy, on two -- almost three occasions in this last century, my folks saw their way of life nearly completely destroyed. i know that we cannot persuade mot
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1